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Emails from my past Buyers.

July 2011
If you saw him in person, you wouldn't be able to resist holding him....he's beautiful, but his personality is outstanding. He's a gift from God. He made my sister so happy, every week I visit her on my day off, at least an hour of our conversation is what Lou did this I show her all the pics I've taken of him that week.....he was as good as gold in the hospital room, he just laid in his carrying case on her bed. It was open, so my sister could see him, but I know he feels comfortable in his carry case. It's on my bedroom floor and he can lie in it whenever he wants. I just wanted you to know that one of your cats has brought joy to so many people....Mike and I, Mike's son, my sister and her husband, and all my friends on Facebook are crazy over him, I post pics of him all the time. You have no idea how much he is loved, and what joy he has brought to us, and our extended families. Lou and Leo come with us if we go away, and now I bring Lou to hospitals to see my sister Ginnie. She is a cat person. If she ever gets well, she wants another cat. She was thinking of a Ragdoll, but I told her she needs to get a cat from you. When you read about Ragdolls they claim they just sit limp in your arms...but I'm sure they aren't all like that, and I think if everyone had a cat like Lou, Persians would rule the world....LOL....Thank you so much for bringing so much joy into our lives and our family's lives.
My sister is very ill and has been in hospital for 4 months. They let me bring in Lou and that made her day. Lou is a very special cat.

Gail :)

March 2011

I'm glad you like the pictures....Lou is awesome. I'm calling the vet tomorrow to make the appointment to have him's such a shame to fix him because he's so perfect, but at least I know you are producing more cats like him....whoever his parents are, they make THE PERFECT PERSIAN. He is sitting on the chair next to me, he's always beside me when I'm home. He loves being around us. His qualities are everything a person could want in a cat. If people ever ask for references as to the quality of your cats, don't hesitate to give them my email, I think your cats are top notch, and you were a pleasure doing business with. I'll send you more pics....I want to get the perfect picture for you...but as I'm sure you know, you can't always get cats to go along with the photo session....or the lighting isn't just right. But I will get you better pictures so you can use them on your site. You can use any of the photos I send you, I just want to get you one that shows how beautiful he is.

Bye for now,  gail

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